Motoryacht RADIANT

2019: We’ve had Meridian 4G’s technology since early 2015 when Julian was still with CELLweaver and followed him when he left to form Meridian 4G. Over years we’ve relied on Julian’s expertise as well as his technology that without doubt outperforms any other 4G device out there. Very happy with the service, technology stays up-to-date keeping up with changes and improvements by cellular operators.

2016: We’ve tried various other SIM based 4G routers and such onboard Radiant and they all had downsides which outnumbered the benefits. For that reason we were reluctant to try yet another technology at first due to our understanding of GSM networks and how intermittent they can be. Meridian 4G system really impressed us and is the only solution that truly works.


2019: We cruise Europe, Middle East and Indian Ocean and make use of Meridian 4G’s aggregator and signal amplifier technology exclusively while near shore or cruising the coast lines. The aggregator pair provide low latency high speed internet to Owners and Guests with a dedicated aggregator for each.

Motoryachts Nirvana and Barbara cruise together and have an identical Meridian 4G setup onboard.