Coverage 30km offshore

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Addressing latest innovation made possible by cellular networks our dome router eliminates the need for coax cables and combines all 5G equipment a superyacht needs into one compact dome.

Dome Image

Modeled after an iPhone. Built for a superyacht.

Your iPhone doesn’t have long coax cables between the antennas and the router. Such coax cables cause 80% of signal loss.
Your iPhone has 4 antennas and 1 modem inside. And its modem uses full signal of all 4 antennas.
To eliminate signal loss you need to eliminate long coax cables and put the antennas right next to the router.

5G Dome Router

4 Modems

One iPhone would not be enough for the needs of a superyacht. You need at least 4 modems to handle all the load.

16 Antennas

Each modem needs 4 antennas for optimal performance. 4 modems x 4 antennas = 16

No coax cables

Putting the router inside the dome next to the antennas eliminates the need for long coax cables.

Patented heat management system

Keep up with innovation

4G and 5G are faster and more reliable than ever. You simply need equipment that would allow you to take full advantage of the innovation that is happening.

Worldwide coverage

All 5G equipment you need in 1 dome

You don’t need to guess what antennas work best with what router and what cables to use. All components are inside the dome and are built to work together.

4x4x4 MiMo


Easy self-install

The dome will be shipped to you and all you need is to mount it on the mast, and connect an ethernet cable to your border router.

Connection bonding


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