Fastest Internet for Superyachts

Proprietary Technology

Ultra-Fast & Reliable

Using proprietary technology to aggregate 4G signal and communicate user requests via data centers Meridian4G allows to achieve internet connection comparable to the speed of fiber optics lines onshore.

Secured Encrypted

Proprietary algorithms split user data into thousands of packets. Each packet is encrypted and sent/received in a completely random combination via 4 different connections.

Coverage up to 40 km

Meridian4G allows to achieve coverage in virtually all cruising ranges of a superyacht while guests are onboard.

Used by more than 150 superyachts

(ranging from 30 to 150+ meters)
We've tried various other SIM based 4G routers and such onboard Radiant and they all had downsides which outnumbered the benefits. For that reason we were reluctant to try yet another technology at first due to our understanding of GSM networks and how intermittent they can be. Meridian4G system really impressed us and is the only solution that truly works.
Motoryacht RADIANT (110 meters)
Full HD streams on Apple TV play with zero buffer time. Jetstream plays faultlessly at its highest bitrate (something I have never seen on any other connection). Youtube/Vimeo streams load and play instantly. Even when playing in 4K! The time between hitting enter and a webpage loading is milliseconds as opposed to the normal delay of 3-4 seconds when using VSAT.
Motoryacht PELORUS (115 meters)
Why Different
Other 4G devices
Mobile phone
Average Internet Speed
160 Mbit/s down
40 Mbit/s up
50 Mbit/s down
20 Mbit/s up
50 Mbit/s down
20 Mbit/s up
(Built to accommodate continuously changing mobile networks, roaming and changing distance from cellular towers)
Secured Encrypted Connection
Public Static Dedicated IP Address
(Country-specific IP address usually required to stream movies etc)
Coverage offshore
Up to 40km offshore
(95% of cruising ranges when guests are onboard)
Up to 11km offshore
(35% of cruising ranges when guests are onboard)
Up to 11km offshore
(35% of cruising ranges when guests are onboard)
Connection Aggregation
Using full possible capacity of 4 connections depending on performance of each sim card at any given point in time
Providing Data Center Counterpart
Required for connection aggregation, our data centers are located in strategically chosen locations close to main internet hubs
Complete solution
Yacht-specific support including SIM cards with flexible data packages, data center resources and full solution support 24/7.
With 5G being introduced in 2019 and gradually coming to all superyacht destinations the burning questions all boat lovers have is: What does 5G mean for yachts overall?
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You probably use 4G onboard your boat already, be it with a single SIM card router or a device like Pepwave. Yet you notice that even though 4G can be extremely fast compared to VSAT, it can also be extremely unreliable. There is a solution.
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4G can be extremely fast. Unless you happened to be in the port of St Tropez with thousands of other sim cards trying to take the best out of the available cellular tower, right? What do you do? Well, better question is: what does your Pepwave do?
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