Meridian 5G develops and manufactures the equipment we provide. This allows us to offer direct support of the devices’ hardware and firmware, without any third-parties in between.

As a result, we can provide fast and knowledgeable support, and address uncommon situations like special network requirements in various parts of the world.

Moreover, working exclusively with superyachts and supporting our own products allows us to get continuous feedback from clients onboard. As a result, we can improve our products and services in real-time, addressing specific needs our customers have.


In 2013 Meridian 4G pioneered connection bonding technology that allows merging four 4G connections (using 4 SIM cards) into one superfast secure stream.

The result is a very fast, stable, and secure 4G/5G internet connection. An added benefit of connection bonding is that it allows the streaming of country-specific content like US or UK Netflix.

Data center subscription with a dedicated secure server counterpart: €350/mo
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Our carefully negotiated sim data packages ensure that our sim cards never run out of data, do not get throttled while roaming, can always select the best performing network available in the area, and keep the costs predictable and low.

In addition, with an extensive superyacht clientele, we are able to buy large data packages and distribute the data among our clients at significantly reduced rates per GB.
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