What makes 4G work onboard a yacht is addressing all factors that affect 4G performance together, as a whole. You can have the best device in the world but without proper SIM data contracts the device would be limited. You may even have the best device and the best SIM data contract but a suboptimal setup of the above and/or below deck equipment onboard may limit your 4G performance all together.

At Meridian 4G we specialize in looking at the whole picture to ensure that all factors that affect 4G performance onboard your vessel are addressed. It is the unique expertise and 9 years of experience providing 3G/4G service built specifically for superyachts that allows us to make our equipment deliver outstanding results.

Interview with Meridian 4G’s founder


24/7 Superyacht-specific Support
Meridian 4G is the only company in the market that offers support for the products we develop and manufacture (the onboard unit and the data centre counterpart). This allows us to provide fast and knowledgeable support and address uncommon situations like special networks requirements etc.

Installation and Survey
Every installation is done by an engineer trained and specialized in 4G performance optimization onboard marine vessels, including a full survey of the above and below deck equipment, IT networks, border routers setup and other factors that may affect 4G speed and performance.

Installation is usually done in one day. We recommend a dual antennae setup – one antennae on each side of the mast to avoid mast blockage, 1HU rack space for the aggregator. 2HU space for each amplifier (1 amplifier per antenna), can be added and self-installed later. We do not lay cables but can recommend what cables to run to maximize 4G performance. Most installations do not require the yacht to be in the shipyard.

Unique 4G expertise

Timely research and development
Ensuring timely firmware updates in sync with the changes constantly pushed down by the cellular operators including the upcoming 5G LTE upgrades.

Sim Data
Our carefully negotiated sim data packages ensure that our sim cards do not get throttled while on roaming, can always select the best performing network available in the area and keep the costs predictable and low. Learn more

One point of contact

Complete Solution

We offer a complete service solution including SIM cards with special roaming agreements, data centre resources required for country-specific content and secure connection aggregation, and continuous intelligence on networks performance in superyacht-specific destinations.

That allows us to ensure that all parts of the process are working in synergy with each other and are supported by one point of contact available 24/7.