4x4x4 MiMo Aggregator

coverage 45km offshore

MeridianXS Image

The new version of our classic aggregator is built to achieve a 4x4x4 MiMo using 4 regular antennas and 2 new MiMo amplifiers

MeridianXS Image


Each 5G-ready Cat-18 modem in our new aggregator uses 4 antennas in parallel. The aggregator connects to two dual antenna MiMo amplifiers that allow to achieve 4 independent channels for 4x4x4 Mimo.


This classic solution requires two MiMo amplifiers that are now 6-band capable and connect two antennas each at the same time. MiMo amplifiers improve connection quality allowing to make up for the signal loss that occurs in coax cables between the ADE and the BDE.


Our classic aggregator solution requires data center resources to enable connection bonding and comes with 24/7 superyacht-specific support from the manufacturer.