About Us

Meridian 4G is a proprietary one of a kind technology built specifically to provide an ultra-fast and highly secure internet connection onboard superyachts by using 4G aggregation. The technology is used by more than 150 superyachts ranging from 30 to 150+ meters including such notable clients as motoryachts Eclipse, Al Mirqab, Radiant, Nirvana, Barbara, Amore Vero, Musashi and many more.

The technology was originally developed by our founder and CTO Julian Clemens to help hospitals transmit high resolution radiology images between the facilities. Back then, DSL connection was slow so Julian came up with aggregation as a way to speed up the transmission of images. Moreover, DSL lines were not always reliable, so a backup option using then available 3G connection was added.

In early 2011 Julian came across an acquaintance working in superyacht technology sales who suggested that Julian's invention may help the yachts to speed up internet connection onboard. Julian researched the specifics of the constantly moving vessels and came up with the first prototype in 2012.

By installing it onboard initial superyacht clients Julian was able to finetune the aggregator to accommodate changing cellular networks, security requirements and country-specific IP addresses. As a result, the technology has been quickly adopted by the world's largest superyachts as their primary source of internet onboard, allowing to significantly reduce VSAT costs.

Initially introduced to the market as CELLweaver Julian's technology is now exclusively distributed by Meridian 4G. Julian remains the technical brain behind our unique technology working on its continuous development.

Julian Clemens
Inventor & CTO
Dasha Grupman
Co-Founder & CEO


Interview with the inventor of the technology

"With 150 yachts in the portfolio, such as Eclipse, Andromeda, Nirvana, Barbara, EJI and more the Meridian 4G system is changing the game in terms of security, speed and reliability and making VSAT standard connection a thing of the past."


Monaco Yacht Show
September 26 - 29, 2018

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show
October 31 - November 4, 2018

METS Amsterdam
November 13-15, 2018

Global Superyacht Forum
November 12-14, 2018