SIM Data

Unlimited SIM Data Package for the Med now available

The Yacht can use the SIM cards of their choice. However, in most cases clients choose to use our cards for the following reasons:

– No need to change cards from country to country:

Our cards are automatically routed to the best possible network available when a yacht changes location. This is not possible with any standard cellular data plans.

– Optimal possible speed

Our contracts with cellular operators ensure that the network does not throttle the connection. Cellular operators have different agreements between each other. So even if the offer is “free roaming” on paper, in reality, for example, Orange card may not have the same priority when on TIM network – hence slower internet. This does not happen with our cards.

– The cards never run out of high-speed data

Unlike regular cards that have a limit of GB per month, our cards don’t have a limit due to our special volume contracts with cellular providers. Your usage is limited only by the amount of data you wish to purchase.

– Predictable costs

We offer an unlimited SIM data package in the Med. Outside of the Med clients pay per GB, countries covered: virtually worldwide. Detailed list of all countries covered available upon request.

– Our data packages can be used over the period of 24 months.

If you dont go for our unlimited package, and choose to pay per GB, you can buy packages of 500GB or more, and those GB wont expire monthly. They will rollover to the next month for 24 months.
You can also choose to pay as you go but our packages usually offer better rates.