Sales Engineer Yachting

Sales engineer – superyacht 4G/5G equipment

This position can be Monaco-based or remote with frequent travel.
Background in technical sales or working as an engineer/captain onboard a yacht is required. Personality fit for value-added sales approach.

Meridian 4G is a Monaco-based, specialized technology company that develops, manufactures and delivers 4G/5G solutions for use onboard superyachts, accommodating various specifics such clients have. We work with the world’s largest superyachts, and, having recently launched a new product, look for a sales engineer to join our team in Europe.

As we generally have smaller batches of productions compared to mass-market products, we can continuously innovate. As a result, we can implement the latest improvements implemented by the cellular operators into our devices (both hardware and firmware). In addition, established development resources and continuous feedback from our superyacht clients allow us to develop solutions that work onboard yachts specifically.

We are currently the only company on the market that provides 4x4x4 MiMo products without having to install 16 antennas on the mast. 4x4x4 MiMo allows to have a performance increase 2-3 times. You can learn more on our website.

Competitive salary + commission

You will have a base salary based on your experience plus commission which can compete with salaries onboard.


You will be assigned a sales assistant that has been working with us for a long time who will assist you with the below tasks and help you to get familiar with the process:

Sales, installations and business development

  • responding to sales requests, understand the needs of the prospect and provide solutions based on the needs of every individual customer
  • staying active on social media addressing relevant posts and generating product awareness
  • doing installations for the sales closed, establishing an in-person relationship with the customer, and checking for potential additional value-add opportunities we can offer
  • manage post-sale support to ensure customer satisfaction and generate sales by referral
  • work with the marketing department to drive relevant marketing content addressing common questions asked during the sales process
  • business development at trade shows and industry events

To make a sale your main objectives are:

  • understand what setup each particular yacht already has onboard, why they are looking to change away, how their experience with 4G has been so far. You have to be a good listener and use an individual approach with every single yacht.
  • ensure that your conversation with each yacht is always a value add – you are there to address questions, ask questions and offer solutions, technical advice and expertise (usually IT-related or 4G/5G related) so the yacht can make an informed decision.
  • build a relationship – even if our product may not be the best fit for a yacht at the moment.
  • understand the unique conditions and environment the customers working onboard the yachts have
  • Build trust with the customer and communicate that the yacht will have full post-purchase support that you will personally look after

To apply please send your CV to