Proprietary Technology

Signal quality of each 4G connection constantly fluctuates. For example, the connection your mobile phone has is not the same every second. Some seconds it is stronger, some weaker. This of course affects the signal quality and limits internet speed that one sim card can achieve.

These fluctuations happen because the cellular tower your sim card connects to is constantly managing thousands of other connections (from other mobile phones etc) and allocates its recourses to each sim card the best it can. However, if you have two mobiles next to each other, even if they connect to the same tower chances are one mobile sim card would have a stronger connection than the other.

In addition, if you use the same scenario but allow one of the phones to continuously select the strongest network and the strongest tower from any cellular provider within the device’s reach, that phone will provide a more reliable faster internet speed. And that is exactly what each modem within the Meridian4G device does.

Moreover, Meridian4G monitors each sim card’s connection and allows to allocate more load to the stronger connection(s) out of the 4 at any given point in time. However, it does not simply put all the load to one or two connections. Instead it breaks the user’s request down into thousands of packets and sends it via all 4 sim cards utilizing full potential of every connection. The result is the aggregated signal that is many times stronger than lets say 4 mobile phones (modems) put together (which is how other 4G devices really work).

Complete Solution

We offer a complete service solution including data center resources, full solution support and flexible sim data packages. That allows us to ensure that all parts of the process are working in synergy with each other and supported by one point of contact available 24/7.