Donate your old 4G equipment to ambulances

Donate your old 4G equipment to ambulances

Italy is the most affected country in Europe. We all can help.

Many of you have old 4G devices onboard. Most of the simple 4G modems were built specifically for ambulances. They are now outdated for yachts but can make a big difference for an ambulance in Italy.

Meridian 5G has donated its equipment to 5 hospitals in Italy.
Ambulances cannot run our equipment as it is too powerful for a car.
But 1 modem Pepwaves can.

They also need antennas, many of you have old antennas. Please donate what you can – we will send you a mailing address of a medical facility in Italy to ship it too.

Please tell us what you can donate so we will send you an address of a facility accordingly.

Please forward the link to this page to anyone you know who may be able to donate.